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Disney Princess Stationery- Notebooks, Folders, Sticky Notes & More!

Sara Camposarcone/17.01.22

Disney Princess Stationery- Notebooks, Folders, Sticky Notes & More!

Introducing, for the first time ever to Cakeworthy; Disney Stationery! Decorate your desk, whether it be at school, work or home, with the most magical Disney Princesses!



 Dive deep below the Sea with our retro- style Little Mermaid Notebook. This ringed book helps keep you organized with lined pages and an inner pocket page for storing seashells and what not. The cutest Flounder and Sebastian print covers the front and back lining of the book, while Ariel sits front and center on the cover.



Jot down your favourite beignet recipe in this officially licensed Princess and the Frog notebook! The enchanting Tiana and her frog prince show their love for one another on the cover, with a stunning allover printed lining on the front and back of the book.



The perfect place to write down all your dreams and wishes! This vintage-style Cinderella notebook captures all the magic with lined pages, and inner pocket and an allover print of Cinderella’s singing bird friends. The cover features Cinderella and friends preparing for the ball, in the same shade of pink as the dress Cinderella pulls from the old trunk!



Cakeworthy’s ever so popular Princess AOP has been perfectly translated onto the cover of our Disney Princess notebook! Each princess name is printed on the pastel pink lining of the front and back of the notebook.



Whether you’re jotting down a reminder to make it home before the clock strikes 12, or simply bored, doodling in your tower- these Disney Princess sticky notes are an absolute must have! In the prettiest pastel pink shade, each note features an adorable princess print of all your Disney faves!





Disney Princess favourites Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty make it easy to jot down notes in style with our new Disney Princess Poster mini notebook set. The best part? When you’ve filled the notebooks, you can use the vintage-style covers as a wall posters!



Store all your documents Disney-style with these Disney Princess inspired folders. Each set comes with 3 folders—blue for Cinderella, pink for Sleeping Beauty and black for Snow White! Each folder cover features old school movie poster artwork!


Loving our new stationery line? Shop Disney's Winnie the Pooh, Golden Girls & more with our latest notebooks and desk accessories!  



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  • Perfect notebook for everyday use.

    Melanie stephens

  • I LOVE using these at work !

    Alfred Jones Jr

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