Corporate Social Responsibility

At Cakeworthy, we strive to create fun products for our customers to showcase their uniqueness through fashion. That being said, this is not our only focus. As a brand, we believe that our company and product should also be representative of our beliefs and practices, in which we stand by. 

In the spirit of transparency, we have listed our current commitments below. As is with anything else in our lives, expect this list to always be in a constant state of change as we have dedicated ourselves to recognize that we will never be fully educated on any of the topics below. As we continue to learn and grow, so will our commitments to bettering our business.

LGBTQAP2SI+ owned and operated

We're here, we're queer, get used to it! 

CEO, Brandon Shedden (he/his/they/them), is proudly gay and non-binary. While working as a teacher, Brandon started Cakeworthy because he struggled to find fun clothes that matched their personality. They have such a loving and supportive friends and family, which has helped to drive his LGBTQAP2SI+ and entrepreneurial journey. 

Diversity and Inclusiveness

We are a small (but mighty!) team that strongly believes in diversity and inclusivity in the work place, in our marketing and the way we carry ourselves as a brand. As proud members of the LGBTQAP2SI+ community, this is not only a practice we have instilled but a personal way of life. 

  • Cakeworthy is an equal opportunity brand. We welcome applications without regard to race, religion, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, gender identify, national origin, age, marital status and mental or physical disability. 
  • We aim in all of our marketing and lifestyle photography to showcase the diversity among our customers. 
  • Our PR Programs are representative of our commitment to diversity. 

Sustainability and Environmental Impact

We love our planet! We are continuously educating ourselves on ways to better our environmental and sustainability practices. Just like many things on this earth, our own efforts are ever evolving. 

  • We prioritize shipping by sea or road over air to reduce environmental impact.
  • Cakeworthy product packaging is recyclable.
  • All factories are audited against their environmental impact.
  • All products are tested to ensure no restricted or AZO dyes are used, or produced in a factory that is OEKOTEX certified.
  • We do not utilize or support animal testing. Cakeworthy products only use vegan leather - zero fur or animal by products. 
  • We participate in a rigorous recycling program at our office and warehouse.

Supply Chain

  • Cakeworthy has its own Social Compliance Policy in place with all suppliers.
  • All Cakeworthy suppliers are required to submit yearly social accountability audits to ensure compliance against this policy. Please see below for more information. 

Giving Back

  • Cakeworthy participates in charitable product releases supporting multiple causes we are passionate about. 
  • We donate samples and seconds of products, otherwise product will be recycled as to not end up in a landfill. 

Great things come in small packages. As a small company, we are constantly discussing ways we can better our business environmentally, economically and otherwise. If you have any suggestions for ways you'd like to see Cakeworthy evolve in the future, please e-mail us at

Cakeworthy Partner Social Compliance Policy


Cakeworthy Inc. is committed to conducting business in an ethical and socially responsible manner. Although we are a small business, we are determined to grow and scale with the highest principles of equity, trust, and respect for the rights and dignity of others. We seek to work with partners that share our same principles and seek to provide and improve working conditions.

The Cakeworthy Partner Social Compliance Policy defines the minimum standards in which it is expected that our business partners adhere to. This code shall be applicable to all businesses that take part in the manufacturing and finishing processes for any of our products. Any questions or concerns can be addressed through the contact information provided at the end of this policy.

Wages and Benefits

Partners are required to pay the minimum wage mandated by local law. We encourage partners to provide a wage higher than the industry average, and/or a wage that results in basic needs being met and a decent living.

Manufacturers must provide all legally mandated benefits.

Working Hours / Overtime

Partners must provide equitable working hours. Cakeworthy Inc. defines an average work week to not be more than 48 hours, unless local law provides for a shorter period. Employees shall be granted at least one day off for every 7 calendar days.

Any hours worked over 48 hours are considered to be overtime. Overtime work must be voluntary and paid at a renegotiated, premium rate, higher than the worker's average rate of pay. Overtime work shall not exceed 12 hours per week.

Working Conditions / Health and Safety

Partners will provide a safe and healthy workplace to their employees, ensuring minimum conditions of light, ventilation, hygiene, fire safety, first aid, and safety equipment/measures in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Employees will have access to clean toilet facilities for men and women, and clean drinking water.

The working environment must be in a building that is structurally sound. Housing provided by the partner should be clean and safe.

Partners shall be required to provide their employees with regular training in regards to health and safety at work. The company will keep an appropriate record of the training courses completed. The company shall appoint an employee to be in charge of health and safety within the management team.

Freedom of Association / Collective Bargaining

Management must respect the right of employees to exercise free association and collective bargaining where allowed by law.

No Forced Labour

Under no circumstance will manufacturers use involuntary labourers, such as but not limited to prison labour, bonded labour, or otherwise.

No Child Labour

Under no circumstance will partners employ minors. Employees must be at least 15 (or 14 where the law of the country of manufacture allows, or the age where legally required schooling has ended, whichever is greater.

Employees between the ages of 14 and 18 years will be considered young workers. Young workers shall not work during night hours or in hazardous conditions.

No Harassment, Abuse or Discrimination

It is expected that partners treat employees with respect, dignity, and will not use corporal punishment, or any threats or forms of violence physically, sexually, psychologically, or verbally.

Partners will not discriminate against employees, including with respect to hiring, salary, benefits, promotion, discipline, termination, or retirement, on the basis of gender, race, religion, personal beliefs, disability, sexuality, maternity, or marital status, nationality, political opinion, union participation, social or ethnic origin, or membership in any legal organization. Employability decisions must be made solely on the basis of knowledge, skill, efficiency and the person's ability to do the job and meet its requirements.

Production Traceability

Under no circumstance shall manufacturers assign any work to third parties without the prior written authorization of Cakeworthy Inc. Any approved outsourced work shall be bound by the Cakeworthy Partner Social Compliance Policy provided by Cakeworthy Inc.

Environmental Protection

Partners will adhere to all related environmental laws and regulations.

Dispute Resolution

There must be a dispute resolution process to allow workers to voice workplace concerns without fear of retaliation by the manufacturer.


All matters and information concerning the affairs of Cakeworthy Inc. and its affiliates that shall be deemed confidential and are not to be shared with any third party (unless required by law) without prior written consent, in any way, shape or form.



Partners shall carry out their work in an honest and transparent way, keeping for these purposes an appropriate record system.

Partners shall not manipulate or influence their employees, nor shall they forge any files or records in order to alter the verification process regarding compliance with this Code.

Partners shall appoint a member of senior management to be responsible for the implementation and enforcement of this code.


Partners shall authorize Cakeworthy Inc. and/or any third parties appointed by Cakeworthy Inc. to monitor the enforcement of the policy. For these purposes, they shall provide the required means and the appropriate access to the facilities and documentation required to ensure this verification, including but not limited to unannounced on-site inspection of manufacturing facilities, employer provided housing, reviews of books and records relating to employment matters, and private interviews with employees.


Partners will ensure the Cakeworthy Partner Social Compliance Policy is provided to employees, including posting a prominent copy of this policy, in the local language, in a place readily accessible to employees at all times.


Any notices regarding the provisions of this policy, reports of any breach or enquiries regarding the policies interpretation or application can be addressed directly via the following….

POST: Cakeworthy Inc. 56 Ditton Drive, Unit B, Hamilton, Ontario, L8W 0A9, Canada