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Neopets X Cakeworthy- 90's Babies

Sara Camposarcone/01.02.22

Neopets X Cakeworthy- 90's Babies

Cakeworthy is our name, nostalgia is our game. What is the best way to know someone is a 90’s baby? We reminisce about pop culture and our childhood any chance we get, and with good reason. It was absolutely fantastic.


From our bright, artificially coloured contacts, to the most stylish, inflatable bedroom furnature, there is no denying this was the best time to be a kid. After school tech time for kids of the 90’s was about one thing and one thing only- Neopets



Popcorn shirts, butterflyclips and Neopets Sticky Notes give us all the 90’s vibes we could ever ask for and more. The pastel peach shade of the notes are totally buggin, not to mention the cutest Neopets printed all over the notes. They are quite literally the best sticky notes to jot down your neofriends username.



For many millennials, '90s nostalgia is strong. Our Neopets Faerie Doll Blind Box Pins are all we need to start using the phrase “fly” again. Each box comes with an adorable mystery Faerie pin, the best addition to your game playing outfit (and one of our favourite parts of playing Neopets growing up). Rock them on your collar or as cute little bag charms.


Did you really play Neopets if you never went to the money tree? Who else spent hours hoping to find a codestone or dare I say a paintbrush? This notebook is the perfect trip down memory lane, featuring the Money tree itself on the front cover, and all the fun donations on the inner lining (good and bad), this ringed notebook is as nostalgic as it gets. Whether you’re a 90’s baby or a millennial, this notebook is all that and a pile of dung!

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