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Cakeworthy’s Guide to Staying Indoors

Sarah Russo/25.03.20

Cakeworthy’s Guide to Staying Indoors

Movies and TV show marathons (duh)

We know, this one is a given. At this point you might be 5 to 10 movies in or maybe you’ve completed a series already. But, now is a great time to get those marathons in that you never had time for otherwise! Now, we think it’s important to point out that we’re not encouraging you to vegetate on the couch all day (unless you want to, then you do you, boo) but marathons are a great way to give you something to look forward to.

 Here are some suggestions we’ve come up with:

  • A Harry Potter marathon will get you through the week if you watch one a day.
  • A Lord of the Rings marathon is great if you’re looking to cover one full day. Make some pancakes in the morning, pop on the Fellowship and don’t stop until Frodo’s made it to Mordor! (we suggest the extended versions)
  • Disney+ provides an endless number of marathons you can add to your list. Start with a Disney Princess marathon and go from there! We recommend doing a marathon of all the underrated movies like Oliver and Company, The Black Cauldron, and Atlantis.
  • If you’re a horror fan like us, now is a great time to get through all those low budget gems that are creeping in the depths of Netflix.
  • Adam Sandler movies. Starting to get cabin fever? Nothing improves your mood more than a good ol’ Adam Sandler movie. Netflix has almost all of them!



Try New Recipes 

FOOD. It’s always there for us when we need it. While spending time at home, learning new recipes or possibly just learning how to cook at all is a great way to pass the time. Here are some suggestions of new recipes you can try that might add some magic to your day:


  • Missing the parks? Why not look up some recipes inspired by parks food like the grey stuff or spring rolls!
  • Pop culture Inspired meals! Have you ever wondered what butter beer tasted like? Or what about Remy’s famous ratatouille? Now is a great time to be inspired by the best foods from our favourite movies.
  • Get the kids involved! If you have kids at home, now is a great time to hire them as help! Try making some home-made pizza’s together as a family, or even some classic chocolate chip cookies! This is a killer way to keep you occupied and your kids entertained.



Virtual Games and Contests

 A truly amazing trend we’ve been seeing lately, is people coming together on social media to participate in group games and challenges. These can be done through live videos, Instagram photos, etc. Here are some ways you can participate: 

  • Live videos are a great way to get everyone together for a short while to participate in something fun. Try running a trivia night with your audience, or maybe even a live bingo game! This not only gives your audience something to look forward to, but it’s a great way to pass the time.
  • Instagram photo challenges. They’ve been around forever, but have always been an amazing way to stay connected to your community online. Perhaps each day this week you’ll share a photo of how you’re staying productive at home. Maybe you’re getting dressed every day and sharing your Cakeworthy outfits! Don’t have a challenge to join? Snap at pic of yourself in some Cakeworthy and use the hashtag #CakeworthyAtHome, we’d love to see how you’re styling our pieces at home!



Build a Fort

We don’t mean to state the obvious, but why haven’t you built a fort yet? Get out the blankets, move all the furniture together, dig up the Christmas lights and watch a movie in the comfort of your own creation. It’s perfect for couples, families, or as a way to isolate yourself from your quarantine partners that might be driving you a little crazy.



Plan Things to Be Happy About (and remind yourself of them)

We know that self-distancing can be a difficult time and can get old really fast. But, it’s important to make the best of your situation and remind yourself of the things we have to be happy for and the things to get excited about.


    • Saving Money. Now that you’re staying at home; not driving anywhere, not buying your morning coffee and not going out for dinner or drinks, this is a great way to save money and be excited about!
    • Spending time with your fur babies. Your pets are probably already living their best lives with you spending so much time at home. Cherish them, snuggle them, and give them all the loving you can during this time.
    • Get healthier. You’ve got A LOT more time on your hands, so what better time to get in-shape then now? Even just a small work-out a day, or just planning out healthier meals will make a world of a difference.
    • Order something online! There is no better feeling than having a package arrive at your doorstep when you’ve got nothing going on. Cakeworthy is still accepting orders and there are a TON of items on sale right now. We’d love to send some magic your way.


We know the world can feel overwhelming right now. Hopefully these suggestions will help make your day a little brighter! Sending you love and magic where ever you are, The Cakeworthy Team.

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