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A Cakeworthy Outfit for Every "Stay at Home" Mood

Sarah Russo/31.03.20

A Cakeworthy Outfit for Every

Spending time at home (especially ALL your time) can get you into the pyjama mood really quick. The 'why do I need to change, I'm comfy' mood-- and it’s a good mood to be in.

But if you're like us and you've been staying inside for quite some time now, then I'm sure you're missing the times when you had an excuse to get ready, look bomb, and of course, show off your love for pop culture. 

So today we thought we'd compile a list of all the best Cakeworthy outfits for all the moods you experience during the day in the comfort of your own home. 

The 'Cozy' Mood 

We’ll start with the mood we know you’re experiencing the most. When you’re at home, you want to be comfortable, warm, and snuggly. Whether you’re working from your bed, watching a movie on your couch, or sitting outside with a cozy blanket—it needs to feel relaxing.

Ditch the pyjamas, you’ve been in them way too long (yes, you.) and trade them in for a comfy pair of track pants and a Cakeworthy sweater. Our pullovers which feature no hood are perfect for lying in bed with your laptop propped up on your knees and our hoodies make a great get away from your family at the dinner table.

Shop Cakeworthy’s Hoodies and Sweatshirts here:


The 'Work From Home' Mood

Because of self-distancing, many of us have converted our living rooms or even bedrooms into home offices. Your bed is your new desk, Skype is your new meeting room, and chat rooms are the new water cooler spot.

What’s the best way to stay cozy and comfortable, but still look somewhat professional if your boss sneak Skype calls you in the middle of the day? A Cakeworthy flannel.

Made of 100% cotton, the Cakeworthy flannel is the perfect way to stay warm and cozy all day without looking like you just rolled out of bed. It’s like the robe of cute clothes.

Find your favourite Cakeworthy Flannel here:


The ‘I’m Feeling Cute’ Mood

So, it’s been a while. Your hair is just one complete knot, you can’t remember the last time you brushed your teeth, and you’ve been wearing the same outfit for a week now. You’re ready to feel cute again, and honestly we're here for it and ready to support you.

Whether you want to do a fashion show down your hallway, take some cute photos for Instagram, or just feel like a human again… there is a Cakeworthy dress for that. From the character to the silhouette, there is truly an option for anyone. But the best part? The material.

Each Cakeworthy dress is made to be comfortable, soft, and truly wearable anywhere. So you wear that dress, and feel cozy while you’re at it!

Shop Cakeworthy Dresses here:


The ‘My Dog is Taking me for a Walk’ Mood

If you haven’t been outside yet, you should probably start considering it (not in public, just the fresh air of course). And for the fur baby owners out there, I’m sure your pets are over the moon that they get to spend so much time with you. But, throw them a thank you every once and a while for giving you an excuse to breathe some fresh air.

So grab your running shoes, maybe pop in some of your favourite tunes, and throw on a Cakeworthy bomber or denim jacket embroidered with some of your favourite characters.

Shop Cakeworthy Jackets here:



The ‘Online Shopping’ Mood

Staying at home + too much time on your hands + technology = online shopping. We aren’t able to go out and buy our overpriced coffees, we can’t make a quick pit stop at Target, and we’re desperately missing the mall.

Online shopping fills the void in the best way, doesn’t it? Well, we hear you and we’ve put A LOT of stuff on sale. Now is your chance to shop your favourite Cakeworthy merch at a discounted price.

Shop Cakeworthy Sale Items here:


We know the world can feel overwhelming right now. Hopefully these suggestions will help make your day a little brighter! Sending you love and magic where ever you are, The Cakeworthy Team.

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  • Worth it

    Stephanie campos

  • Worth it

    Stephanie campos

  • Love cakeworthy!

    Shelley MI Gillott

  • Fun read. I feel all those moods lol

    Karissa Norris

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