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Batman Personality Test- Superhero Vs. Super-Villain

Sara Camposarcone/26.04.22

Batman Personality Test- Superhero Vs. Super-Villain

One stands for justice and order, the other stands for crime and chaos. There are no greater enemies in DC Comic history than Batman and The Joker. To ring in our Batman X Cakeworthy collection, we have created a short personal quiz to let you find out if you’re TEAM BATMAN or TEAM JOKER!


Take the quiz below, tally up your points, and find out which side of Gotham City justice you stand with!


QUESTION 1: Would you rather drive Batman’s ‘Batmobile’ or The Jokers ‘Smiley Car’?


  1. Batmobile- 2 points
  2. Smiley Car- 6 points



QUESTION 2: Would you style our Batman and Joker Crewneck with blue denim or black denim?


  1. Blue Denim- 1 point
  2. Black Denim- 3 points


QUESTION 3: If you found a wallet on the ground while grocery shopping, would you keep it or return it to its rightful owner?


  1. Keep it- 4 points
  2. Return it- 2 points



QUESTION 4: If carrying our Batman Vs. Joker Mini Backpack, what would we find inside?


  1. A Knife- 3 points
  2. A Boomerang- 1 point


QUESTION 5: To disguise your real identity, would you prefer to wear a mask, or face paint?


  1. Mask- 3 points
  2. Face Paint- 5 points




QUESTION 6: Would you define your personality as humorous or serious?


  1. Humorous- 3 points
  2. Serious- 2 points


QUESTION 7: Would you seek vengeance for a crime committed?


  1. Yes- 1 point
  2. No- 4 points



QUESTION 8: Would you wear our Batman and Robin Flannel with a black tie, or purple bowtie?


  1. Purple Bowtie- 5 points
  2. Black Tie- 2 points


Now, tally up your points and find out if you’re more of a crime-stopping Superhero or a comical Super-Villain!


SUPER-VILLAIN: 20-33 points


You enjoy challenging societal norms on a daily basis, and feel your best ideas come to you when you’re alone. You have a super fun sense of style, and enjoy incorporating bold, bright colours into your wardrobe. You don’t take life too seriously, living every day to the fullest, regardless of implemented rules and regulations. Creating unique makeup looks comes to you like second nature! The Joker might just be your best friend.


SUPERHERO: 14-19 points


You believe in order in society, and will do just about anything to show that. When it comes to fashion, you tend to be more reserved, keeping it low-key to blend into a crowd. Your favourite colour is black, as you believe it is classic and timeless. You are very social, and love a large group of friends around you at all times. Jokes don’t seem to make you laugh much, at least not the childish kind anyway. Move over Robin, Batman has a new bestie in town!


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