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by Sarah Russo March 12, 2021 2 min read


Alice in Wonderland: Cakeworthy Disney Spring 2021

For our latest Disney collection, Cakeworthy is so excited to be highlighting the classic 1951 film, Alice in Wonderland. Featuring bright colours, whimsical patterns, and your favourite characters from the film; this collection is perfect for any fan of Alice and her adventures.
In this collection you will find an array of ways to show your love for the film including a dress, tie-dye and even Cakeworthy classics like an AOP tee and Flannel. Let explore, shall we?
Alice In Wonderland Anniversary Flannel

‘Do you suppose she’s a wild flower?’. Disney’s Alice in wonderland has officially been added to the Cakeworthy’s flannel roster with this cozy blue flannel inspired by Alice’s dress and the flower garden scene. Like all of our flannels, you will find the quote printed on the back and embroidered details on the front. The collar features Alice’s signature and a rose from the flower garden on the pocket.
Alice Daisy Collared Dress

Show your love for Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, in this adorable collared dress featuring an all-over print of Alice and her friends. Inspired by the scene of Alice laying amongst the daisies; this dress features bright colours, and a stretchy fit so you can be comfortable on any adventure.
Alice in Wonderland Tie-Dye Long Sleeve

This tie-dye Disney’s Alice in Wonderland long sleeve is truly giving us all the psychedelic vibes. This tee features the caterpillar scene and AEIOU down the arm in printed details. Perfect for dressing down in a pair of retro high-waisted jeans, or size up for an oversized t-shirt dress look.
Alice in Wonderland AOP T-Shirt

Fall down the rabbit hole in this Disney's Alice in Wonderland T-shirt from Cakeworthy. Featuring a whimsical all-over-print with some of your favourite characters from the film, this shirt is perfect for any lover of Alice and her adventures.

 The artwork on this Alice shirt will instantly bring you back to the first time you saw this 1951 Disney animated film along with all the curiosity and adventure that Alice originally inspired in you. Featuring some of the most iconic characters she met along the way—this tee is perfect for fan of this film. 

Loving the collection so far? There’s a lot more where that came from. Shop Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Aristocats, Ducktales and more with Cakeworthy’s Disney Spring Collection 2021.


Sarah Russo
Sarah Russo

2 Responses


May 20, 2021

Alice in wonderland is my all time fave. I have the AOP and the long sleeve tie dye and they are amazing! So much brighter in person! The colors are perfect!

Jennifer Carcha
Jennifer Carcha

March 16, 2021

The new Alice items are so cute. I want one of each.

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