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Neopets X Cakeworthy- Shop Flannels, Dresses, AOP's & MORE!

Sara Camposarcone/01.02.22

Neopets X Cakeworthy- Shop Flannels, Dresses, AOP's & MORE!

Welcome to the virtual world of Neopia, a fantasy land inhabited by Neopets and other virtual creatures. Where you can own and care for virtual pets, buy virtual items, and earn virtual currencies. Sound familiar? We thought so. Neopets X Cakeworthy will take you back in time like never before. Take a look for yourself!



Cozy up this fall in Cakeworthy’s ‘Your Neopets Are Dying’ Flannel. Inspired by the iconic colours of our fave Neopet creatures, this flannel features the embroidered Neopets emblem on the collar, and a sad hungry Shoyru on the front pocket.



The perfect tote bag to carry all your neopets, codestones, and Faerie dolls! (actually maybe keep those in your safety deposit box). Bring this tote with you shopping, out with friends, or even to cram in some studying before final exams. Four of our fave Neopet characters are featured on the front of the tote in all the fun Neopets colours, giving this bag a real life take on the virtual game.



How could you ever abandon a cute little Neopet? Especially when they look as cute as the Neopets featured on our ‘Feed your Neopets’ t-shirt. In the same fun virtual-like colourway as our tote, the ‘Feed your Neopets’ t-shirt features the quote ‘Your Neopets are still alive’ going down the left sleeve, and ‘Remember to feed your Neopets’ on the back.



We are absolutely obsessed with our Classic Neopets Crewneck Sweater! The perfect way to show your love for the game that took up so much of your time as a kid. Featuring some of the game's most popular pets on the front, this crew is the perfect statement piece to show your Neopets love.



A best-seller from the Cakeworthy x Neopets collection: The Faerie Neopets Mini Backpack. Featuring an all-over print of the cutest Neopets, all in their faerie form. Our favourite detail? The Faerie paintbrush zipper pulls. This pastel statement accessory also features a whimsical colour-way inspired by the one and only, Faerieland.




What would a new Cakeworthy collaboration be without an iconic new AOP t-shirt? Featuring the magical Faeries of Faerieland, a kingdom ruled over by Fyora, the Faerie Queen, in an all over print design. The bubblegum pink shade of the t-shirt is inspired by all our favourite Faerie gals.



Shop our Neopets Print Dress- featuring all your fave Neopet characters. In a stunning baby blue shade, this baby doll style dress is the perfect outfit for a night on the town in Neopia. This piece also features a light-weight construction and flattering silhouette, allowing it to be dressed down for a day out or dressed up for an occasion. 



Don't you just wish you could go back in time and sit at your computer desk playing Neopets in this onesie all day? Inspired by the classic Neopets yellow, this onsie is a must-have for all the die-hard Neopets fans out there. Get cozy in this breathable, lightweight onesie for a day of creating your guild or playing Meerca chase!  

Loving the nostalgia from this collection? Take a trip down memory lane and explore more pop culture gems for your childhood like Disney, Harry Potter, Star Wars and more!
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