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#CakeworthyAtHome: How We're Staying Connected

Sarah Russo/14.04.20

#CakeworthyAtHome: How We're Staying Connected

A couple weeks ago, the Cakeworthy team decided to discuss how we could come together as a community and find a way for our brand to bring even the smallest bit of happiness to your day, while staying inside. 

Cakeworthy has always been about expressing yourself in bright and bold ways, all while celebrating our favourite movies, characters, and pop culture through style. Therefore, we felt it was our duty to remind everyone that expressing yourself doesn't just have to be in public or for other people, it is also for ourselves. That is why we decided to start the #CakeworthyAtHome initiative. 


This hashtag was created as a way for the Cakeworthy team to see how all you pop culture fans out there are expressing yourselves while staying inside and staying safe. And oh my gosh, we are so happy we started this! 

Over the past couple weeks we have found ourselves scrolling through all the different ways you guys are wearing Cakeworthy at home. Whether you're staying cozy, or throwing a personal fashion show in your living room-- we've seen it all! 


Feeling Fancy

It's safe to say we were very surprised to see the amount of people wearing the Cakeworthy dresses! When you're asked to stay at home, it can be hard to find motivation to get up and get ready in the morning. But we're so happy that a lot of you are celebrating 'me-time' in a Cakeworthy dress even if it means feeling fancy just for a little while! 

We've seen newer styles like our Star Wars Button Up Dress and our Mickey and Friends Dress, and even some older styles like our Fantasia Button Up Dress and Little Mermaid Sweater Dress

From left to right: @amanda_gracehair, @disneywithlindsey, @skppymouse, @killian_jigz, @partysaurusbecks 

Staying Cozy

For all our long-time Cakeworthy fans out there, you know comfort is a huge priority for us. That's why it didn't surprise us to see so many of you guys staying cozy at home in a warm Cakeworthy flannel, or classic t-shirt

We saw photos of you reading, watching your fave Disney+ films, having your morning coffee and some of you even rocked some Cakeworthy accessories during our Instagram Live Trivia night and shared the photos with us after. 

From left to right: @pocketsizedkatt, @amagicsam, @marvelmouseketeer, @huffandreams, @wanne.ever.after



We know... staying at home limits the photos opportunities-- big time! But we're so excited to see that you guys aren't letting the limited resources and lack of back drops kill your vibe. 

The photoshoot process is such a great creative outlet even when you're not encouraged to stay inside. From the styling of the outfit, to setting up the background and then the final editing; it's all such a great way to stay creative and keep your mind off of things-- and we're just happy Cakeworthy can be apart of that process! 

From left to right: @mickey_on_my_mind, @kate_loraine, @partysaurusbecks, @fransua_c, @stickwith2nd

If you'd like to be apart of #CakeworthyAtHome there is never a wrong time to start! Simply take a photo or Instagram story wearing some of your favourite Cakeworthy merch and use the hashtag #CakeworthyAtHome for a chance to be featured. 

We know the world can feel overwhelming right now. Hopefully these suggestions will help make your day a little brighter! Sending you love and magic where ever you are, The Cakeworthy Team.
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  • Want everything

    Stephanie campos

  • I didn’t know the Merida flannel was ever even released! Please bring her back! I promise I’ll buy two-one for me and one for the wife. Three? One for the kid too? Pretty please?


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