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Cake Mix 2021- A playlist of songs inspired by Cakeworthy's best product moments from 2021

Sara Camposarcone/04.01.22

Cake Mix 2021- A playlist of songs inspired by Cakeworthy's best product moments from 2021

 What better way to honour some of Cakeworthy's 2021 highlights than with a Spotify mix filled with songs inspired by our best-sellers throughout this past year. Take a trip with us through our best product moments and the songs we chose to celebrate the occasion. 


Without further ado: Cake Mix 2021 


@the.disney.ginger looking magical as ever in our Disney Princess AOP! This special tee was one of our, if not the top, best sellers from any release we had this year. To celebrate, we chose "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes" from the Original Cinderella. 



@j.hartstyles giving us all the witchy vibes in our Hocus Pocus Winifred Flannel. It's no doubt that our Hocus Pocus flannels have become a staple for any Cakeworthy Halloween launch, and we're so excited you chose our Winifred flannel as the top seller from that collection this year. What better way to mark the occasion than with "I Put A Spell On You" by Annie Lennox.


@Briellecari wearing our Haunted Mansion Hitchhiking Ghosts flannel to Disneyland! We hold the Haunted Mansion very close to our hearts here at Cakeworthy and from the looks of it, you all do to! In honour of our Hitchhiking Ghosts flannel, we chose "The Grim Grinning Ghosts" by Voiceplay to channel all the haunted energy whether its halloween season or not!


Take a trip down the yellow brick road with @poorunfortunaterobbie, wearing our Wizard of Oz Button up Shirt. 2021 was the first year Cakeworthy created a collection inspired by The Wizard of Oz and we're so glad this button-up made it to our best seller list. With it's bright colours and bold pattern, this button up is truly the essence of Cakeworthy. "Munchkinland" by Billie Burke, Judy Garland & the Munchkins is the perfect hit to mark this moment. 


@Yumiwarlock looking cute and cozy in our Beetlejuice PJ Set! The Beetlejuice x Cakeworthy collection was truly a milestone moment for everyone on the Cakeworthy team. And of course, there is no better song than "Day-O!" by Harry Belafonte to highlight our Beetlejuice PJ's making the best-seller list! 


Welcome to Hogsmeade! @theyellowbrickgirl wearing our Luna Lovegood flannel at Universal Studios! This piece is a special moment because it is the first piece our Director of Marketing, Sarah, got to design. She even has a swatch of the flannel framed on her desk! So it's safe to say we were over the moon when we saw this piece hit the best-seller list. For the occasion, we asked Sarah to choose a song. Sarah chose "The Room Of Requirement" by Nicholas Hooper. 'Luna Lovegood is introduced in the Order of the Phoenix and the Room of Requirement is such a special element to that film-- so I thought this song would be perfect'- Sarah. 


@anniepph looking like an icon in our Bridesmaid Help Me Tee! The Bridesmaids x Cakeworthy collection was truly a moment we didn't see coming. What started out as a 'small release' at the beginning of the year, turned out to be one of our most successful collections we had in 2021. The star of the show? The 'Help me, I'm Poor' tee and we've chosen none other than Wilson Phillips' "Hold On" to celebrate. 


@rachelupshaw with her crew wearing our Jurassic Park Pullover Sweater. Another license we saw added to the Cakeworthy roster his year was Jurassic Park x Cakeworthy; and our retro-inspired crew neck quick literally flew off the shelf. As the sweater is inspired by the opening of the park, we chose the classic Jurassic Park theme song by John Williams to mark the occasion. 


The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror AOP looking spooky as ever on @kirkwarmack. The Simpsons x Cakeworthy was a collection we were particularly excited about this year and we knew our fan base would be excited about this nostalgia-filled classic. The show-stopper of the collection ended up being our Treehouse of Horror aop and are we really surprised here? We live and breathe Halloween here at Cakeworthy and we know our customers do to! "Do The Bartman" by The Simpsons was chosen by our CEO to represent this best-seller. 


Look at the stunning @beckydoesdisney in our Disney Villains AOP. The Cakeworthy community is jam packed with Disney and Halloween fans alike, so is it really a surprise that the villains AOP made the list? Our song choice for this one is "Poor Unfortunate Souls" by Pat Carroll because is there really a more iconic Disney Villains song? 


@lovely50s looking stunning in our Jessica Rabbit Crewneck Sweater. The biggest Cakeworthy milestone of our 2021 year was our Who Framed Roger Rabbit collection. Who Framed Roger Rabbit has always been the number one bucket list collection for our CEO, Brandon Shedden, who truly made a dream come true when he designed this collection. "Why Don’t You Do Right" by Peggy Lee matches was chosen to celebrate Brandon's favourite character, Jessica Rabbit. 


@kirk.richard84 serving looks in our Golden Girls AOP. Golden Girls x Cakeworthy was another collection that we were so happy to see perform so well! What we once thought was going to be one collection, is still going strong in 2021. Worn by some of our icons like Alaska and Jackie Coxx from drag race, we chose "Thank You For Being A Friend" by Andrew Gold to celebrate. 


@disneybearduffy333 in our 90's inspired Space Jam PJ Set! This set is newer to Cakeworthy, but nevertheless, a fan fave already! Our soft, unisex fit makes these pjs the perfect attire for watching cartoons (and avoiding life) all morning long! So put on your pjs, snuggle up on the couch, while "Welcome to the Space Jam" by Quad City DJ's plays on your Cakeworthy Cake Mix. 


@thebeckermantwins giving us all the fashion inspo in our Fruity Pebbles Crewneck! Pebbles x Cakeworthy was first introduced this year and the best-sellers from this collection were the Fruity and Coca Pebbles crewnecks! The Cakeworthy team works out of Canada, so this sweet morning treat isn't something we get to indulge in often-- so we're so glad you guys like the collection as much as we do. "The Flintstones Theme Song" by the B52's was, of course, the number one choice. 



@Van_kelsing in our Sorcerer Beanie! This iconic beanie as been a long time favourite from our shop and we love that this classic film is still a favourite for many of our customers after all these years. "The Sorcerer’s Apprentice" was of course our number one song choice for this one. 


@thompson.888 looking fearless as ever in our newest addition to the Star Wars family- The Star Wars Princess Leia Flannel! Help bring about the destruction of the Death Star, all while looking cute as heck; its a win-win. We know this flannel is a hit, and all of you do too! The Star Wars Main Theme by John Williams will bring you back in time, in fact, it'll bring you to a whole other galaxy!


@grimgrinningteresa giving all the fall vibes in our Mickey Mouse Ghost Dress! This dress truly disappeared off the shelf, no pun intended. We hardly had enough time to celebrate it's spooky success because it vanished so quickly! (pun intended this time) To celebrate the sell out, our CEO chose "Calling all The Monsters" by China Anne Mcclain. 


@gameshowboy in our Beauty and the Beast AOP! AOP's will always be a beloved Cakeworthy classic and so when we decided to add Beauty and the Beast to the roster, we knew it wouldn't disappoint! "Belle" by Paige O'hara and Richard White is our fave song from the original film so it was a 'must-add' for the Cake Mix. 


@bajanprincessbrittany looking like a star in our Ducktales AOP! We were so excited to find out so many of you were a fan of the Ducktales and we were just as happy to add it to our AOP roster. What better way to mark this best-seller than the "Ducktales Theme" by Mark Mueller.



@thekingdominsiderlifestyle in the Wizarding World wearing our Marauders Map Flannel! This was another piece from 2021 that flew off the shelf. We could truly consider our 'mischief managed' after this flannel disappeared. We had to think long and hard about what score to pick to mark this occasion and decided on "Secrets Of The Castle" by John Williams to emulate all that can be discovered in the castle with the Marauders Map. 


If this playlist sounds like something you might enjoy, take a listen HERE! While you're there, give us a follow to stay updated on upcoming playlists created by the Cakeworthy team!

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