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5 Be(LATE)d Gift Ideas

Sara Camposarcone/22.12.21

5 Be(LATE)d Gift Ideas

So, it may be a little too late to receive your presents BEFORE Christmas... but its never too late to receive them AFTER Christmas! Plus, its the thought that counts... and you just thought it would have arrived sooner! No sweat, whether Santa sat on it, or Rudolph had mistaken it for a carrot, we have 5 perfect belated gift ideas for just about anyone! 


1. For the one who's always cold


 We know its December, and the even colder months lie ahead. We also know that EVERYONE knows that one friend, relative or co-worker that always seems to be cold. We have the perfect piece to keep you insulated and looking cute as heck! Our Little Mermaid ruffle sleeve sweater is 80% cotton, making it thick and warm. The pastel pink shade makes this sweater wearable right into the spring time!


2. For the one who hates turtlenecks



Turtlenecks are not for everyone. But mocknecks definitely are! Our sweet-as-honey Winnie the Pooh mockneck long-sleeve t-shirt features a fun allover printed graphic and a still breathable, non-itchy mockneck neckline. The unisex fit makes this mockneck the perfect gift for all our fellow Pooh lovers out there.


3. For the one who lives in PJ's



And who says PJ sets aren't considered appropriate for every day wear? Not us. I mean, look at this cute & comfy Golden Girls PJ set! Throw on a denim jacket and some platform sneakers to take this look from the bed, to the town. If you know someone who wears PJ's in public, help them out by surprising them with the sassiest belated Christmas gift!


4. For the one who carries too much stuff



We all know someone who carries around their whole life in their purse. Our Animal Crossing New Horizons mini backpack can get the job done, and help diminish the shoulder pain that comes with lugging around a heavy bag. Our mini backpack features a main pocket, a smaller front pocket and even two side pockets, while the backpack style gives you ultimate support!


5. For the one who's growing out their bangs



We've all been there; you've had your fun with bangs, but now its time for them to say farewell. And what better way to bid them adieu than a delicious looking, cereal inspired dad hat! Cover those baby hairs as they grow out with our Fruity Pebbles dad hat! The unisex fit and adjustable band makes this cap the perfect belated gift for anyone trying to cover up their bangs, while still representing the most iconic cereal of all time! Its a win-win if you ask us.


Still stuck on a gift idea? Check out our nostalgic Pebbles X Cakeworthy collection for tons of more drool-worthy options! 

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