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Get Cozy With Cakeworthy- Sweaters, Flannels, Onsies & More!

Sara Camposarcone/28.02.22

Get Cozy With Cakeworthy- Sweaters, Flannels, Onsies & More!

The sun on your face, a steaming cup of hot chocolate, a fuzzy blanket, and a few Cakeworthy sweaters. What do all these things have in common you may ask? They all bring the most warmth and happiness, which is exactly what we all desperately need at this time of the year. You don’t have to dread the cold winter months ahead anymore- get cozy with Cakeworthy, the sunggle is REAL.





This cozy sweater is made with 80% cotton- it’s like wearing a heated blanket. The interior lining is magically soft and is the perfect ode to The Chamber of Secrets. A must-have for anyone who claims the second film as their fave! 



This Neopets crewneck was such a fun piece to create. Inspired by the classic Neopets art, this one is for all the die-hard fans. With it's bright colour palette and colour block silhouette, this cozy crew is the perfect for the colder months! 




Its mid February and you're heading north to a snowy, cottage getaway with friends. What do you pack? FLANNELS… and were not talking just any regular flannel… were talking Cakeworthy Flannels- the warmest and cutest there is! Our Tiana Fairy Tale Flannel is inspired by Tiana's signature colours and has her iconic quote 'I remember Daddy told me, fairy tales can come true' on the back in printed details!



Snuggle this muggle! What better way to stay toasty AND represent all the Hogwarts Houses at once than with our Hogwarts Patchwork Flannel! Cozy up for a Harry Potter movie marathon while repping a colour from each Hogwarts House. This 100% cotton flannel feels like you're hugging your very own Pygmy Puff!





Get cozy- Disney princess style! Our 90's princess denim jacket is made with a 100% cotton denim blend, and features the stunning princesses embroidered on the back! Wear this piece layered over your fave flannel or sweater, or even layer a fuzzy faux fur vest over the jacket for optimal warmth and comfiness. 



Nostalgia meets extreme comfort in our iconic Neopets onsie. This piece is perfect for sleeping in AND playing (Neopets) in. Snuggies are so last year, this Neopets onsie is 95% cotton and 100% cuteness overload! You wont want to take this one off- and we don't blame you! 

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