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Jurassic Park X Cakeworthy- Shop Flannels, Tie-dye Tee's, PJ Sets & More!

Leslie Kay/04.11.21

Jurassic Park X Cakeworthy- Shop Flannels, Tie-dye Tee's, PJ Sets & More!

Welcome to Jurassic Park! We’re taking the nostalgia to the next level with our latest collection! Introducing our Jurassic Park x Cakeworthy collection! Featuring 5 pieces, this collection will have you rocking your pre-historic fashions wherever you go! Hold onto your butts!



Like merch pulled right from the racks of Jurassic Park, our “Visit Jurassic Park” flannel should be an immediate “add to cart” for all fans of this nostalgic classic! It features the Jurassic Park logo embroidered on the breast pocket. “Visit Jurassic Park, They’re Watching! Summer ’93, Isla Nublar, Costa Rica” is printed on the back.



Inspired by the windbreakers worn by the employees in the film, this jacket will have you looking like you’ve just walked off of the Jurassic Park set and into the streets! It features the Jurassic Park logo printed on the back, as well as on the front breast pocket. “When dinosaurs ruled the earth” can be found printed down the left sleeve.



Life finds a way! And hopefully it finds it’s way into your cart! This purple tie-dye long sleeve tee is perfect for these cooler temperatures! It features the t-rex printed on the front, “Jurassic Park” written on the sleeve, and “Hold On To Your Butts” printed on the back!



Clever girl! Take a trip back to the 90’s with our “Visit Jurassic Park” pullover! Inspired by the trends of that nostalgic decade, this shirt features a colour-blocked motif, with a raptor printed on the front.



Pop the popcorn and grab all of your favourite movie snacks! This cozy PJ set is a must-have for a Jurassic Park and Jurassic World movie marathon! Shop this collection now!

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  • Hold on to your butts….was one of the best lines in the movie.

    Karen Douglas

  • I love cakeworthy because it has amazing designs and its quality is great.

    Rosalba Contreras

  • Oh my god the colours are so Vibrant


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