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Care Bears X Cakeworthy: Behind the Clouds

Sara Camposarcone/06.05.22

Care Bears X Cakeworthy: Behind the Clouds

Care-a-lot, a faraway place up in the clouds, lives 10 of the cutest and most loveable Care Bears! Travelling around the world on missions in caring, bringing as much joy as possible to all the children of the land. With the launch of our Care Bears X Cakeworthy Spring 2022 collection, we wanted to bring as much joy as we possibly could to all of you- by creating our own version of Care-a-lot! It’s a Care Bears Countdown all about how we made our magical Care Bears photoshoot set come to life!



No Care Bears set would be complete without big, white, puffy clouds! We created our own version of “faux clouds” using paper lanterns, poly-fil fiber, hot glue and clear fishing wire! After achieving the puffiness we desired for the clouds, we strung them from the ceiling above our backdrop using the fishing wire, so they would suspend right behind the models during the shoot! We chose a stunning lavender shade for the backdrop because we totally wish the sky was purple in real life. We even created a cloud shaped as a CARE BEAR! It simply doesn’t get any cuter than that!



Our thoughts for the makeup look for this shoot were- GLITTER, GLITTER AND MORE GLITTER! Pastel shadows on the lids, and lots of chunky glitter specks on the cheeks really captured the lighting perfectly! We used a combination of the Morphe X Mikey and Friends palette, and Slayfire Cosmetics: Diamond Skin glitter to create the ultimate “prepare to stare” worthy makeup look!



Care Bears feel so nostalgic to us- so in order to replicate that feeling through our photos, we used an array of 90’s inspired accessories to style with! Pearl headbands, butterfly clips, hair bows, pleated pastel skirts, and sparkly cloud earrings did the trick! Styling our Care Bears pieces were so important to give that whimsical, fantasy like feel. Our Care Bears Camp Button Up Shirt looked like an absolute dream paired with this 90’s style, light wash denim, and pastel blue pompom heels!



AND THAT’S A WRAP! After two days of shooting, our all-time favourite photoshoot has come to an end. But not to worry, we are already planning our next dazzling shoot, and we cannot wait for you all to see it! Stay tuned- and prepare to stare!



 Check out the most cheerful Care Bears collection you will ever see, HERE!

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