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The Flannel- How to style your flannel by the Cakeworthy community!

Leslie Kay/30.09.21

The Flannel- How to style your flannel by the Cakeworthy community!

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know that we love a good themed flannel! They are definitely a Cakeworthy staple! From the quote we use, to the colours of the plaid, to the little details hidden in the product—there is a lot of thought that goes into creating each one. Here’s a handful of the flannel photos you’ve tagged us in this year!




            It means no worries, for the rest of your days! @disneysuitsme can be seen here, wearing our Hakuna Matata flannel, from Disney’s The Lion King. The colours we chose for this one were inspired by that bright savannah sunrise that can be seen at the beginning of the film.





            Careful, @elisemadolyn! A ghost might follow you home! The “This chamber has no windows and no doors” flannel’s colours are inspired by the uniforms that the cast members wear on the ride.





            We’ve combined Belle’s golden yellow and The Beast’s royal blue colours to create the flannel that @francisdominiic can be seen wearing here! 





            @brianamatopoeia is living her best Alice in Wonderland life in our “Do you suppose she’s a wallflower” flannel! It’s no secret that this colour palette was chosen to match Alice’s dress.





            When we’re searching for quotes for these flannels, we either like to be cheeky, or inspirational! @andydrewdel is showing of one of our more inspirational flannels—inspired by Cinderella’s pink dress.







            The thing we love most about our flannels, is that they are such a versatile wardrobe piece! You can style them up or wear them on an adventure, like @abitwong or @magicbymuses, wherever it may take you!





            Great Scott! @valeov3 was over at Universal Studios in her “Save the Clock Tower” flannel and found the perfect photo op!





            Who is ready for Halloween season to return? It’s safe to say that Frankenstein has a fan in @zombiedaisies!









            Our Hogwarts House flannels were spotted all over the continent with @wizardlifestyle showing off her Ravenclaw style at Universal Studios Orlando, while @ashleyalex88 wore her Slytherin flannel to Universal Studios Hollywood. Further north, @francisdominiic and @jmick71 wore their Gryffindor and Hufflepuff flannels to the opening of the new Harry Potter store in New York City!


            Keep tagging us in your Cakeworthy style! We can’t wait to see where you wear us next!


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  • The Cakeworthy flannels and the AOP shirts have become my favorite go-to tops in my wardrobe. I know this is about the flannels but the AOP shirts go so well with them. They’re both so well made and always so comfortable to wear. I’m always complemented whenever I’m wearing one of the different character flannels or AOP shirts! I love seeing these pictures of people in them and will have to post my own soon so I can show mine off with everyone else!


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