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Inside Cakeworthy's Packaging- Sticker Mule

Brandon Shedden/15.09.20

Inside Cakeworthy's Packaging- Sticker Mule

Just like our self-explanatory company name-- we want to ensure everything we delivery to our customers is 'cakeworthy'. And that includes our packaging. One of our favourites parts of packing our orders is our custom shipping tape. 

If you've ever received an order from Cakeworthy, you'll notice our custom shipping tape featuring our company logo in bright colours, our social handles and our signature sprinkles design. This shipping tape was created by our friends at Sticker Mule.

We ship out A LOT of orders each day, and in addition to our regular orders we also ship out a lot of PR and influencer goodies. When we do this, it's always important to us that our packaging is slick, bold, and gets the job done-- its the first thing our customers see after-all. Sticker Mule prints digitally so there are no color limitations and even ships in 4 days or less which is super convenient when we are particularly busy. 

If you're looking for high-quality packing tape that keeps everything sealed and has the ability to make all your design dreams come to life then we would highly recommend Sticker Mule for your packing tape needs! Everyone deserves a 'cakeworthy' package! 

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  • Love this shop!

    Kristen Dugan

  • Its amazing

    Stephanie campos

  • Ooh good to know


  • I love your shop

    Laura campbell

  • Super fast shipping! I purchase a lot of clothes from Cakeworthy every year and I have never had a problem! Great packaging and fast shipping!! ❤️

    Samantha lindsay

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